Triple Glazing


For optimum energy efficiency

tripleglazing1Triple glazed windows are among the most energy efficient available on the market! There are many options available to create a triple glazing effect from uPVC profile, Planitherm Total + glass, argon gas, composite spacer bars and thermal reinforcing, all of these options can team up from a variety of manufacturers to form U-value ratings that cannot be beaten by traditional double pane arrangements.

In terms of energy efficiency and value for money triple glazing far exceeds other comparable methods such as insulation or cavity wall insulation. The added benefits include making a home more comfortable and affordable. Triple glazing windows are not dictated by one size , shape or style the triple glazing technology will fit into any design. Therefore whether you have a period home or new build a triple glazing unit can be discreetly fitted to your design to provide the most modern of technologies into the same space as your traditional window unit.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

  • Harder to break than a double glazed unit
  • Maximum performance available in terms of efficiency
  • Three panes significantly reduce the heat loss
  • Argon Gas can further reduce heat loss
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